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2017 Festival

Morecambe Winter Gardens : 30th Sept & 1st Oct 2017

Year One saw us delving into the world of crime writing for the very first time.

Our venue was the exquisite Morecambe Winter Gardens and we had a weekend jam packed with authors and guests to delight and entertain in equal measure.

This year we asked the question do Van Dine's rules of crime writing still apply?

Sat 30th sept

sun 1st oct

If I Ruled The Crime Fiction World
The Golden Rules of Writing Crime Fiction
discussed by Ben Cooper-Muir, Dolores Gordon-Smith and Leigh Russell 

Local Legends:  I Did It My Way
Locally based authors discuss self-publishing
Panel:  A S Chambers, Beth Jones and Zoe Sharp 
Moderator: Kevin Wignall



Oh I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside 
Alison Baillie, Harry Brett,

Elly Griffiths and William Shaw

discuss their books being set with coastal influences
Moderator : Barbara Nadel

Putting On The Blitz
Howard Linskey,  Luke McCallin,  Chris Petit discuss their books with a wartime setting
Moderator: Guy Fraser-Smapson

These Boots Are Made For Walking
Queen of Icelandic Noir Yrsa Sigguardardottir In Conversation with Kevin Wignall about writing crime fiction and her shoe collection














Those Were The Days
Dolores Gordon-Smith , Nicola Upson and Andrew Wilson, discuss their historical crime novels
Moderator: Guy Fraser-Sampson

I Will Survive
Debut authors Fiona Cummins, Mark Hill and Phil Rowlands discuss their paths to publication
Moderator: William Shaw

Killer Queens
Elly Griffiths,  Barbara Nadel,  Leigh Russell and Sarah Ward discuss if crime fiction by female writers is any different to that of male crime writers
Moderator: Kevin Wignall

There’s A Time and A Place For Everything
Jeff Dowson , Guy Fraser-Sampson, Simon Michael and William Shaw discuss the importance of period and setting in their books
Moderator: Elly Griffiths

Foreign Bodies
Lilja Sigguardardottir and Yrsa Siggurdardottir discuss having their books translated for the British market
Moderator : Quentin Bates

May The Force Be With You
Paul Finch, Michael Fowler, Paul Harrison and Matt Johnson – 4 ex-policemen turned crime fiction authors discuss how their experiences inform their writing
Moderator: Sarah Ward

Facts Before Fiction
Graham Bartlett and Kate Bendelow discuss how they help crime fiction writers get their facts straight

Sophie Hannah :  Agatha,  Poirot and Me 
Sophie Hannah talks about her Hercule Poirot novels, and the genius of Agatha Christie.



















Simon Brett In Conversation

with Ben Cooper-Muir

Simon Brett performs

The Girl with The Unpronounceable Name


A Crime in Rhyme