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2018 Festival

Morecambe Winter Gardens : 29th & 30th September 2018

Our second festival was the year of the hidden talent with fire eating, cocktail making and artistry being revealed as some of the many hidden talents our guests possessed it was also the first year of our Eric Awards.

Saturday 28th

sunday 29th

Smarter than the average bear.

Sgt Adie Knowles & Hannah Robinson discuss 'Inspector Ted' - a local childrens book raising money for Unique Kidz.




The Northern Invasion

sponsored by The Midland

Writers from the North unite in discussion.

Nick Oldham, Robert Parker,

Ruth Sutton & Roz Watkins.

Participating Moderator: MW Craven

Court in the Act

Lawyers turned authors discuss their influences and experiences.

Adam Hamdy, Alex McBride & Tony Kent.

Participating Moderator: Neil White




Crossing Sides

Frances Brody, Sue Welfare,

James Swallow & CJ Skuse

discuss working in more than one genre.

Participating Moderator: Elly Griffiths




Crime is Crime

sponsored by Lancashire LGBT

Mari Hannah, Sarah Hilary,

Jake Arnott & Alex Reeve

discuss LGBT themes in crime fiction.

Participating Moderator: Paul Burston

Worth a Thousand Words

Bryan Talbot, John Dunning & Sean Phillips discuss crime in Graphic Novels and comics.

Moderator: Stephen Gallagher

In Conversation with

Peter Robinson

The best-selling and award-winning author discusses his life and work.

Life Backstage

sponsored by Scott & Wilkinson Chartered Accountants

Sam Blake, Sam Eades, Angela McMahon & Ellen Gallagher all work in publishing or promotion and are here to discuss tricks of the trade.

Moderator: William Shaw

The Masterclass

Members of the popular 'Crime Writing Masterclass' David Mark, Kate Bendelow & Neil White are here to help you plan the perfect crime.

Participating Moderator: Graham Bartlett

Music to Die For

sponsored by Oakdale International

Alan Parks, Joe Thomas & William Shaw discuss how music and their life in the industry has inspired their work.

Moderator: Nick Quantrill




Agatha Christie on the Stage

sponsored by After Dark Murder Mystery Events

Award-winning producer Julius Green discusses Agatha Christie's theatrical career with Ben Cooper-Muir








From Page to Screen

sponsored by JG's Burrito Bar & Escape Rooms

Simon Booker, Charles Harris,

Paul Finch & MJ Arlidge

talk about their dual lives as both authors and screenwriters.

Participating Moderator: Stephen Gallagher

If I Were Not Upon the Stage

Robert Daws & Hugh Fraser discuss how life treading the boards has influenced their work.

Participating Moderator: Martyn Waites


In Conversation with

Daragh Carville

The screenwriter and playwright discusses his brand new television series 'The Bay' that is being set & filmed in Morecambe.